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Pre-testing academic vocabulary interactively

It’s more fun all round to get students talking science using concept cards, than giving them a pre-test. Here’s what we did, and some interesting conceptual confusions students have about force and motion.

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The Start of a Project Based Learning Community?

How to get started with Project Based Learning – boiling it down to a very few pieces: Linking to our own lives, time to brainstorm compelling questions, and a whole lot of resources.

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PBL + Standardized Test Results = ?

What was the effect of a project-based 8th grade curriculum on standardized test scores?

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Boys, feelings, bullying and redemption in “Luke and Jon”

Two useful truths for the upcoming school year emerge from this beautiful book about two pre-teen mis-fits set in Peak District in the north of England.

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Learning the language…

Learning French and teaching science – lessons from the road…

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