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Where’s the fun?

Well into the school year, it’s hard to balance trust and open-ended exploration, fun with discipline issues. How to lighten up?

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The rains have come – time to plant the seedlings!

The grow food project? Nearly forgot – today’s rescue!

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The Sports Project sputters to a start…

Choosing what to do and how.

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The Take Action Project at the Ca Science Teachers Conference today!

Report from the front – building a community of teachers teaching students to take informed and effective action.

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Starting the Sports Project!

Applying principles of physics and scientific method to improve in a sport of their choice…

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Egg Head Helmet Project’s a um, smash…

Some good news, and ideas for weaving projects into curriculum – before, during or after the relevant units?

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If momma aint happy…

… and how to get back on track in the busiest part of the school year.

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Chaos in the Classroom – Newton’s Apple Weight vs Mass Lab…

What happened? What can I learn from it, after calming down at the weekend? And how can I rescue the rest of the school year with my 7th period slackers?

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Too much, too fast, fix tomorrow!

Seemed like a good idea at the time.

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The Egg Head Helmet Project

A small, fun and really relevant invention project applying physics to saving their lives.

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