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What makes groups innovative and collaborative? The Marshmallow Challenge!

Kindergartners, middle, high-schoolers, Harvard B-school grads, CEOs have all done the marshmallow challenge. How did middle-schoolers do? What did they learn about great group work for their 21st century future?

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Setting up for Serious Fun in Science

Pics of some new ways I’m trying to stay organized and inspired in class this year…

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Surprise Switch!

Arrgh! last minute change of assignment but new project opportunities are on the way.

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How is all life related? The central question for 7th gr. scientists.

Here’s how we link it all together with a central question which includes project based learning, inquiry, issues and GOING OUTSIDE, games, labs, real stuff to poke at, and FOOD as much as possible. All while meeting the majority of California Science Standards. Serious fun for us, and them, we hope!

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How do you measure curiosity?

What IS curiosity? What affects it? What do we want by the end of the year in science class? And how can we measure it?

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What kids want to know on the first day…

Can we eat? Will it be fun? How can I succeed in this class? And more.

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Sticky Facts to Act On!

Use sticky facts as an entree to taking action for us and for our classes!

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Thinking about PBL but not necessarily TAP?

All project based learning can be made easier for you and your students with project management help from the TAP curriculum.

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New tricks for old teachers, old tricks for new…

Entertaining and calming tips and resources to remind us that we WILL survive the looming start of the school year.

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TAP Issue – Plastic Trash in the Sea

Understanding Marine Debris in our Watershed Exploratorium workshop cool facts, resources and remembering what it’s like being a student again…

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