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A Whole year of 7th Grade Science – the best one yet!

A link to the whole lot – a year’s worth of successful, fun and free curriculum tested at Orinda Intermediate School.

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Keeping the project plates spinning

So many things to remember in an average school day, keeping the project plates spinning at home is a challenge, as is the grading when they come in in a big whump on your desk!

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The rains have come – time to plant the seedlings!

The grow food project? Nearly forgot – today’s rescue!

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Organic vs Non-organic Food?

Which do they THINK they prefer? Which do they actually prefer in a blind taste-test? And will that affect how they decide to grow their food for the Grow Food Project?

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Grow Food Project: Planning and Planting

See pictures of us getting the grow food project off (or into) the ground…

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Get set for Project Based Learning!

From simple to sophisticated projects – task lists, flow charts and timelines rule as they learn to plan for their class projects, starting with Growing Food.

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Do-It-Yourself first! Projects, labs, assignments..

Such a duh, but so hard to do. Here’s why it’s so worth it as a key step to implement new activities and projects.

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