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A class of grown-ups is different…

Some learnings from the season’s first TAP presentation.

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Connecting monomers, polymers and stuff you can actually see…

Reacting to kids not getting it, a card sort may help to knit concepts together. Yarn is made of wool, which is keratin, a kind of structural protein, made of 20 kinds of amino-acid monomers. So there you go 🙂

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POP: Rescuing a Research Nose-Dive

Going from grrrrr to well, not exactly grrreat, but better…

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POP, TAP Cause and Effect Flow Charts

A simple way to take notes, show understanding and connect up all the world’s problems, right?

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POP8: Prosletizing (but beautiful) Movies?

How and why show art movies about the environment in science class…

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POP 6: “..tossing hope out the window, along with the hearts that held it…”

Our teens see a dark world ahead in their “After Oil” stories. What are they planning to do about it? We start research with Wikipedia and cause and effect diagrams.

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