CSTA Workshop Links

Here are links useful for CSTA workshops on Lab Organization, Snapshot Science and Getting Started with Project Based Learning plus some helpful resources and ideas.

1. Introduction:

Orinda Intermediate School 8th grade physical science curriculum: 8th Course Outline skb 1213docx

OIS 8th grade science class website – check this if you’d like to come in to observe.

2. Lab Organization Resources:

1. Teachers Packet Lab Organization

Food Science/Chemistry Lab Sheets: Changing States of Matter concepts: Ice cream lab gmh, Reduction Sauces, Density and Buoyancy concepts: Salad Dressing Science, Physical vs Chemical Changes concepts: The Pancake Lab Phys Chem changes
– Use search terms ‘food science’ and ‘lab management’ to find blog posts about the above activities. Also see organic vs non-organic food taste testing and the Grow Food Project blog entries. Links to student sheets and pics included.

http://www.nbclearn.com/portal/site/learn/resources for many food-science related clips, 5 minutes each. (Also for great physics and sports clips and environmental concepts too.) Includes teacher resources and transcripts. Excellent production values and accurate science.

Science behind good cooking: Cooks Illustrated – readable, great magazine articles from America’s Test Kitchen.

3. Snapshot Science “Photos of Static Forces in the Real World”

Linking concepts in the classroom with their world and back again with beauty, drama and accurate understanding.

Powerpoint 1. Snapshot Science! CSTA 2011ppt 2

Link for student sheets as word documents: 1. Photo class Forces Assignment, Bridge Forces Photo Assignment copyD and B Photo Assignment, , 4. Biodiversity Photo Assignment and how to get a good shot5. Photo assignment Feeding Relationships of Organism,

Connect Photo Assignments to Multi Medias: 10a b. Multi media ad storyboard and rubric FINAL
See KQED Quest Media Making Toolkit and Rushton Hurley’s Next Vista for more resources to help get started.

4. Getting Started with Project Based Learning

The PowerPoint as PDF file with resource links embeded: Start PBL CSTA workshop presentation 2012

Also see “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, but how do you get started?” blog post and more specific ones filed under the Project Based Learning category. See Take Action Project, Grow Food Project, Energy Opportunities Project, Egg Head Helmet Project categories too.

Edutopia PBL blog and PBL community

Buck Institute PBL resources

5. Socrates Café: “What is ‘truth’, why do we care? And what does science have to do with it?”

Socrates Cafe 4. Truth Science Accuracy Precise

Socrates Cafe Blog Post and search term “Socrates Cafe” for more on my blog.

Socrates Cafe” by Christopher Phillips (for his books and for setting where you can engage in this type of philosophical discussion.)

6. Concept ConstruXions: “Chemical and Physical Changes”

An academic Vocabulary Builder as a formative assessment, review and way to connect hands-on experiences with academic content.

Card boxes and training, articles etc. at http://teachersforlearners.com

How-to blog posts: I’ve used this for a variety of topics. Search blog under ‘concept cards’ and ‘concept construxions’ This is with photo how-to. This is the video clip

7. Mish-mash of fun/useful stuff and ideas:

– Continuously updated and stacked links for science education: delicious.com/sueboudreau

– SEPUP trays instead of test tubes for food tests, pH, disease transmission games etc. from LAB-AIDS (and many, well written, inquiry and issues based curriculum with kits for not too much $$) at https://lab-aids.com/kits-and-modules/P8

– The Greenhouse effect experiment that actually works with baking soda, vinegar, heat lamp and aquarium. Blog entry. and 5. Carbon Cycle Climate Change student sheet linking it with chemical reactions unit.

– Student-sized whiteboards for collaborative, quick and fun way to share ideas. http://www.dryerase.com/

– How to do hydrogen kabooms without killing your kids: video how-to clip

– Need equipment and stuff for your students? Try http://Donorschoose.org, Freecycle and the Dollar Store.

– Copyright free photos at sueboudreau.smugmug.com

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