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Cool School Survey

Noticing patterns in data is a story – the initial ‘set’ is the experimental question. The data has hidden in it the resolution, at least partially. Like a joke with a set, an expected outcome and the sudden switch to something that is incongruous and yet makes sense. Unexpected truth looked at in a different way: why scientists are so fascinated is at least in a way, similar to reading a compelling and complex story that in science, never really ends.

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The Cool Box Comp.

How wrap up the cool shoe box competition: data collection and analysis with a minimum of time wasting frustration…

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Sex Ed Refreshed: Sex Stats, Teen Brains and Courtship

The first lesson, re-engineered with prompts and links to cool resources.

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The Take Action Project 2.0 is a go: Pick an Action.

I’ll be posting the new Take Action Project in parts, after Marshall and I actually teach it. So far, we have managed to fan initial student interest in environmental issues as they choose what to do and start a little light research. It’s a balancing act between student choice, rigor and unmanageable chaos. So far, so fun, for us as well as our classes.

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Take Action Project 2.0 is published!

After 6 years, 3 teachers and about 1,700 students have been through the Take Action Project, the revised and improved version is finally here! Check it out in it’s entirety at a great, new start-up, with an intro right here.

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Energy Opportunity Finale: The “Marketplace” Game!

An ad campaign for energy opportunities has to be effective in the real marketplace for students to be successful innovators. This simulation helped my students to understand basic economics and political realities of 21st Century America. All made possible with the help of my economist husband. I love the intersection between subject areas, where the most interesting ideas are, and where there are rich possibilities for math, English and social studies links too.

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Activities for Atomic Theory and Atomic Issues

Check out activities with sheets and pics of some engaging games to teach the concepts of ‘isotope’ and of radioactive decay and half life. Beans, pennies and dice on rainy days, fun.

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EnFORCING Actual Thinking: 200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 minutes

The Energy Opportunities Project is up and running as students link energy to their lives and today, to world issues. Or do they? Making the best of a Valentine’s Day lull in engagement. Who’d have predicted that?

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Data Analysis made Almost Interesting

Always a challenge but by using their own data about something they really care about, we had a much deeper conversation about bias, trends, lines of best fit and significance. Classes graphed their test scores against scores of variables that might have affected test scores. Does studying longer actually make a difference? And more…

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8th Grade Graphing Skills: less rubbish than I thought

Do kids learn and retain skills from one year to the next? Leveraging Monty Python’s “Ministry of Silly Walks” to find out (and teach the concept of distance vs time graphs).

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