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Bio-Diversity – who cares?!

Clearing up confusion about biodiversity with a ‘field trip’ to the planter box. And a little TAP trouble clearing up (unlike the weather).

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NYLC: Creativity, Service Learning and PBL

Sir Ken Robinson presents the case for creativity woven into the fabric of our organizations.

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NYLC Conference: Interrobang “Missions”

Let’s start with where young people are – social networking, video gaming and interested in making a difference in the real world, using their particular talents. This could be the way to structure it….

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National Youth Leadership Conference Coolness!

Service Learning – a vital part of project-based learning…

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TAP: Get heard by politicians and corporations!

How to take EFFECTIVE, letter-writing action, from the pros…

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TAP at National Youth Leadership Conference!

Got invited on a press pass to this amazing-sounding conference about service learning at the last minute. Whoa, starts tomorrow. Check out the kinds of things they do at

I’ll be blogging about what’s hot in the world of service learning meets science. Stay tuned for ADVENTURE. Well, as much adventure as you can get while staying with your mother in law (whom I love).


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“I can’t believe I’m HIV positive!”

With a real-world scenario, students learn why good internet research can be a life-or-death skill.

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Sex ed contd: questions and misconceptions

Misconceptions of conception, lots of kids know less about sex than they think!

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Stories in vital statistics about sex!

Using national and local survey data to interest kids in sex! And as a way to discuss data bias and survey design.

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23. From inspiration to action! Missions, Timelines, Action Plans and GO!

Inspired by shouting out project objectives, we translate flow charts into organized action with timelines and shopping lists on steroids…

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