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Managing the messiest lab in the world – making ice cream with 8th graders.

How to run this lab linking phase changes to ice cream. Student sheet, teacher notes, material and class management hints, and pics.

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”I told them a thousand times, those stupid kids.”

How being overwhelmed affects the best of us, and what might work better Or how not to be a bitch.

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Rearranging the furniture for fun.

More effective than the deck chairs on the Titanic for learning thermodynamics.

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Turning off kids with tough concepts… or not.

Physical science textbooks, gnashing of teeth.

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Actual “Backwards Planning”

Being forced to plan backwards from the assessment is I hate to admit, a GOOD thing, just like everyone said. Lots of resources included: some lab sheets with teacher notes plus a couple of tested assessments. Enjoy!

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