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What the kids had to say about TAP…

Survey results are in, highlights are here, and well, was it worth it?

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TAP @ Sunday School – Acting on Global Warming…

Figuring out causes and effects of global warming, deciding what to do about it and comparing the youth group experience with teaching school…

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TAP at Sunday School – Picking a Problem

TAP on the fly, second Sunday School in…

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“Mindset” – change ours, change theirs…

How mindsets are central to success.

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Comment on the National Science Ed Framework Draft

The new national science standards need our input by 2nd August. Weigh in on this vital document!

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Creativity in the News

Two evidence-based articles on creativity by Po Brosnan in Newsweek. Surprises, ways forward, read on!

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TAP at Sunday School – How are we connected to nature?

The wild ride of running TAP in Sunday school starts today!

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All kinds of working ideas for what’s working to change the climate

Holiday pics, a great link to inspire us and kids, starting TAP at our church Sunday school.

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