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Sorting Sources from Reliable to Rubbish

Battling the young to think about where information comes from, giving credit and figuring out if it’s credible. They hate it, I hated it, the tedium of looking up references blah, blah, and yet, in the end, a life and death of democracy skill.

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Letting kids link concepts for themselves + 3 tips to start school student-centered

A lesson plan that worked for starting force and motion units + student misconceptions, together with some tips that work across the board.

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Egg Head Helmet Project’s a um, smash…

Some good news, and ideas for weaving projects into curriculum – before, during or after the relevant units?

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The Egg Head Helmet Project

A small, fun and really relevant invention project applying physics to saving their lives.

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Surprise Switch!

Arrgh! last minute change of assignment but new project opportunities are on the way.

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