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PBL 101 with the Buck Institute, the Genuine Gold Standard in PBL

Report with all kinds of v. useful links to a million PBL resources.

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PBL World ‘Summer Camp’

What’s on offer at the BIE conference including resources for PBL successfully implemented.

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Creating a Vision that Propels PBL

How to get started with building community support for PBL by discussing and agreeing upon a ‘profile of a graduate’.

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Check Guesses about Effective Learning Strategies

Find the answers to the questions you guessed at in the last post. This includes all kinds of surprises about successful learning strategies for students and teachers.

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Lessons from ISTE – Chats, Choice and Expanding Horizons

What’s the real point of technology in the classroom? It’s far bigger than I thought before attending ISTE.

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ISTE 3: My brane is full

… but emptying it right now, right here – the haps from apps central – ISTE day 3 in San Diego. Someone’s got to do it…

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ISTE: The Retro Grouch is Out

After a bit of skepticism, there’s still plenty to like at ISTE today, including the white sand beach in the evening.

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The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Conference: so far so fun!

Getting re-energized at a conference – new place, new ideas, new people and lots of ways to connect to and with technology. First installment of 4.

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TAP News…

The new TAP video clip is uploaded right here

The latest, improved sheets are uploaded to our website, including the new, multi-media pieces. Better, shorter, clearer activity sheets, at least we hope so!

And we are presenting at National Science Teacher’s Association conference on Sunday 8am for Snapshot Science and 9.30 am for TAP in the Moscone Center, rm 212.

We’d love to see you there!

Sue Boudreau and Karen Snelson.

March 4, 2011 at 5:21 PM 1 comment

The Take Action Project at the Ca Science Teachers Conference today!

Report from the front – building a community of teachers teaching students to take informed and effective action.

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