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POP 5: Multi Media Example and “How To” guides

How do we get beyond the coolness hype and actually make it happen? In a managable way that increases engagement with science issues? Here’s a first pass at planning it, with sheets and video clip of an example.

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POP 4: Sorting out Problems (with Oil etc.)

Sorting out problems with class management and oil using graphs, scraps of paper and The One Ronnie’s Blackberry clip.

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POP 3: Kids construct products of petroleum ppt.

Co-constructing a slide show sounds like fun but is it worth the time and temper?

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POP 2: How are Petroleum Products Produced?

Trying to implement Rushton Hurley’s “Pedagogical power of cool”.

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Problems with Oil Project Starts Here

The follow on from the Take Action Project starts with the far more blase 8th grade.

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Time is key to choice, voice and creativity…

In this culture of busy = better, time may be the resource in shortest supply in school.

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How do you manage student choice and voice?

Posing the question for us all to ponder and respond…

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Debrief of the Sports Project

What did they learn about science, experiments and skills for life, plus skills for their sport? How hard was it? How fun was it? Was it worth it? Check out what they had to say today…

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Thank you for the D… + resolutions

Expecting the best, giving honest and specific feedback, keeping the objective in mind? Or just hurting kids feelings with a bad grade? This is what seemed to work yesterday…

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Plunging back into the new year!

Sports projects presentations are almost done – did they have fun? Did they apply physics of motion? Was it worth it?

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