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TAP Poster Celebration Day!

“If I can do somthing in two months, then what could I do in years, when I get older?” “I learned that there is stuff going on all over the world, not just here.” “One act can have a ripple effect.” and more reflections from students on what they took from the Take Action experience…

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Natural Selection, Creationism and the Fork Bird Game from SALI

Setting the theory of natural selection in context and a REALLY fun game that not only teaches how good cheerios taste, but also the theory of natural selection.

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First TAP Posters Coming in – the home stretch.

What’s the mood with the kids? How and why moderate the grading of the posters? Karen and I duke it out…

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So Many Fossils, So Little Time!

How to get through evolution in record time. Fossil record time that is. Plus some management tips I should have learned years back in the mesozoic.

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The Evolving Lesson Plan: Events, Eras and Extinctions

The ribbon of time, the walk through time, the crowd around the last 10% of time on Earth when everything happened. Will anyone remember any of it?

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The Timeline of Life – Millions and Billions of Years

How to understand the deepness of time? These huge numbers? The endless ages of scum?

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Evidence for Evolution – Chicken ‘Arms’

We find evidence that we have a common ancestor with chickens with a dissection and the chicken wing flap…

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