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TAP Poster Celebration Day!

“If I can do somthing in two months, then what could I do in years, when I get older?” “I learned that there is stuff going on all over the world, not just here.” “One act can have a ripple effect.” and more reflections from students on what they took from the Take Action experience…

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Natural Selection, Creationism and the Fork Bird Game from SALI

Setting the theory of natural selection in context and a REALLY fun game that not only teaches how good cheerios taste, but also the theory of natural selection.

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First TAP Posters Coming in – the home stretch.

What’s the mood with the kids? How and why moderate the grading of the posters? Karen and I duke it out…

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So Many Fossils, So Little Time!

How to get through evolution in record time. Fossil record time that is. Plus some management tips I should have learned years back in the mesozoic.

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The Evolving Lesson Plan: Events, Eras and Extinctions

The ribbon of time, the walk through time, the crowd around the last 10% of time on Earth when everything happened. Will anyone remember any of it?

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The Timeline of Life – Millions and Billions of Years

How to understand the deepness of time? These huge numbers? The endless ages of scum?

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Evidence for Evolution – Chicken ‘Arms’

We find evidence that we have a common ancestor with chickens with a dissection and the chicken wing flap…

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TAP goes to Collage – Modifying TAP for Youth Groups!

How can TAP be modified to keep the fun, the sense of purpose and the effectiveness without making Sunday School seem like, well, school? Collage might be part of the answer…

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TAP Practice Grading Posters

Aiming to remind, clarify and inspire students to get going on their TAP poster and get an A. What are they confused about? How’s it going 11 days before the deadline of this long project?

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Evolution Picture Show

Card sorts, Beanie Babies, blocks of wierd but real animals from obscure phyla. It’s time to phyl’em.

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