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Serious Fun vs Edutainment

Physical science is particularly vulnerable to the edutainment approach – are you also struggling for balance in a culture that wants it fast, fun and easy?

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A humbling inquiry experience…

Inquiry, not so easy in the unfamiliar waters of buoyancy.

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Season’s Greetings for Real

What does ‘love’ look like in the class room? I’m not talking tabloid stories here, just taking a step back for a little bit of enjoyable righteousness. Enjoyable for me that is :-).

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When the going gets tough…

Mid-project grumbling and struggles. Some struggle is necessary to achieve almost any worthwhile outcome in any walk of life, including The Sports Project.

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Keeping the project plates spinning

So many things to remember in an average school day, keeping the project plates spinning at home is a challenge, as is the grading when they come in in a big whump on your desk!

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