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POP: The Great Carbon Race!

We are off! The last-minute project is launched.

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POP conneXions to science

More fun than you’d think: A new way of developing academic vocabulary and helping students make connections from POP to 8th grade science standards…

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POP/TAP: What kids say about MultiMedia presentations…

A great day and what the kids have to say.

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NSTA Conference Coolness…

Good news, inspiration, handy links and a terrific time at the San Francisco National Science Teacher’s Association.

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TAP News…

The new TAP video clip is uploaded right here

The latest, improved sheets are uploaded to our website, including the new, multi-media pieces. Better, shorter, clearer activity sheets, at least we hope so!

And we are presenting at National Science Teacher’s Association conference on Sunday 8am for Snapshot Science and 9.30 am for TAP in the Moscone Center, rm 212.

We’d love to see you there!

Sue Boudreau and Karen Snelson.

March 4, 2011 at 5:21 PM 1 comment

Moving on from a Bomb

What do you do when students bomb a test? How do you find the hope in it, and the learning?

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