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Grouping, inquiry and project work – what size is best?

PBL online discussion groups and other PBL resources…

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Kids want to know problems with NGOs

NGO skepticism runs rampant in today’s wrap up of the quiz.

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21. Evaluating NGOs – What’s hard? What’s surprising?

Learn about the world of helping organizations. Find out how the kids are feeling about TAP with excerpts from today’s quiz and get a glimpse of an easy-to-manage assessment.

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20. Student feedback so far.

What are the kids saying about the picking an action process? The use of journals to keep project based learning on track…

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19. Evaluating a smorgesbord of NGOs and finally proposing a project!

Treading the thin line between solid scientific literacy and sucking the fun out of picking an NGO to support. Find out how we did and do it way better when you try it 🙂

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18. Beyond the Bake Sale! Choosing a creative action.

Get kids to come up with creative, fun and social ideas for raising funds, educating and inspiring others to act, or doing something useful in the world using what they love to do.

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17. Poverty, Population and Education at the root?

Teaching “Root Cause Analysis” and how health of the planet is closely tied to our health.

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