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I’ve been doing this 20 years and I should know….

A book to move the needle in your district with all the research backing for 21st Century skills through pbl and inquiry – validate your prior knowledge right here!

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Thanksgiving, Thank Goodness!

Reporting from the front – good news, bad news and how honest should we be?

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Problems with Oil, Plastics and Density

Weaving the title ingredients together as we start a new unit. Check out the lovely YouTube clips on plastic marine debris, especially the mockumentary 🙂

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Check-ins with projects…

Whatever the project -Sports project, Grow Food project, Take Action or any project taking more than two weeks, you have to check they are actually getting on with it with a reasonable, practical idea. It’s tough but saves tears and tearing your hair out on the due date.

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Dreaming up the new Problems with Oil Project

Getting started on the next project based learning adventure, join us for the ride!

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Baby Bridge Project in Parts

Static forces challenges without the full-on bridge project.

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