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The New, Improved “Take Action Project” Starts!

The Take Action Project 2020 includes 7th graders getting the community to take informed and effective action for the future with them! Learn how to get prepared to start this exciting real-world project.

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The ReWilding Project for NSTA

The specifics of exactly how to run the re-wilding project with your students, from us at Orinda Intermediate School to colleagues at NSTA Portland!

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The Re-Wilding Project Begins!

Re-wilding… a more inspiring challenge that ‘conservation’ or ‘restoration’. This is the lead in to this exciting project we are developing at Orinda Intermediate School

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A Whole year of 7th Grade Science – the best one yet!

A link to the whole lot – a year’s worth of successful, fun and free curriculum tested at Orinda Intermediate School.

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ISTE 3: My brane is full

… but emptying it right now, right here – the haps from apps central – ISTE day 3 in San Diego. Someone’s got to do it…

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All kinds of working ideas for what’s working to change the climate

Holiday pics, a great link to inspire us and kids, starting TAP at our church Sunday school.

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Biodiversity Startling Stats and it’s a Wrap!

The energy in one barrel of oil = 25,000 of human labor or over a decade of work. The average American uses 25 barrels a year or about 300 years of labor each. From “Eaarth” by Bill McKibben. What does THAT imply for after oil??

We wrap up biodiversity and human impact on our planet…

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Wake up! It’s your favorite – plant classification!

Especially if it involves sorting toys and running around the school trees collecting leaf bouquets. And finding a tortoise on the lam from Karen’s room…

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Carbon Foot Print Calculations

To save the planet, do we have to go back to the dark ages, or can eco-friendly practices have some other benefits to kids and their families?

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