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The Test Give-Back

A better way to re-frame poor test results as a um, learning opportunity… for all of us.

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Snapshot Science: The Optics Connection

Had a blast at the California Science Teacher’s Association, sharing “Snapshot Science”. The student sheets are uploaded at this site.

In response to several requests, here are the sheets that link the physics of lenses, the eye, camera, microscopes and telescopes. These inquiry-based activities have been used with 7th grade and meet the light and optics standards. Students seem especially fascinated with their eyes, perception and seeing what lenses do to how they see the world. Materials needed are paper clips, small mirrors and plastic hand lenses. I hope you’ll enjoy doing these with your classes as much as we did at Orinda Intermediate School.

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Feeling Forces – Making Bridges with Kids

Kids making bridges with their own bodies helps them remember where materials are under compression and tension in suspension, beam and arch bridges. And it’s like a camp game for team building. Very fun and different. How-to included.

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Snapshots for the Science of Bridges

Awaken creativity in the service of science with the forbidden technology, shh, cell-phones… Plus Ca Science Teacher Conference workshop information and invitation.

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Data Analysis made Almost Interesting

Always a challenge but by using their own data about something they really care about, we had a much deeper conversation about bias, trends, lines of best fit and significance. Classes graphed their test scores against scores of variables that might have affected test scores. Does studying longer actually make a difference? And more…

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