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Problems with Projects – TAP and POP come home to roost.

Posters for TAP are in. POP multi medias are supposed to be. Here are some things students needed more help with…

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Problems with Oil Project – The movie

This is the whole thing in pictures with music, captions and pics of the people who might solve some of the problems with oil.

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The “Magic” of Lego Machines

Four kinds of magic actually 🙂

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Kids Choice “Job Interviews”

What to do with end-of-school 8th graders? Give them more freedom than they expect, and a job interview…

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The Carbon Court is IN SESSION

Running a class room court is not quite as easy as I’d hoped but really teaches the value of reliable evidence and helped us celebrate the end of the Great Carbon Race by crowning the true king or queen.

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Student Choice vs Culture.

The subtle art of enabling student choice versus the 8th grade coolness culture.

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The Great Carbon Race, evidence and the A, B, Cs of the working world.

A wild diversity of ways to approach saving carbon and showing what they did, from amazing to a parent note saying ‘My son saved carbon, signed, Mom’. How well do 8th graders understand the concept of ‘evidence’, and how this kind of project relates to the working world?

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8th Ocean acidification and neutralization…

Well, it’s a nice idea, just dump in a load of baking soda, right? We used the issue of acidification to run a lab on neutralization in a short but very colorful titration lab.

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Classification of Stuff and Species

I finally stumbled upon a better way of introducing the dusty topic of classification with a re-vamped and simplified toy sort. Sheets and pics provided.

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