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Ore to Store Mini-Project

What is the story of our favorite stuff? Student detectives follow the path to metals and ore all over the world.

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Coolest Freshman PBL Ever – Touchless Gardening

What does a successful graduate of PBL education look like? Meet the Daz sisters and a crazy new way of growing plants.

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The nuts and bolts of connecting the science to solar oven design

How to help students understand how to construct and use cross sectional diagrams and ray diagrams to understand the science of solar ovens. Then apply it to their own.

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HIV/AIDS – setting the scene

Mystery storytelling set-up for teaching HIV/AIDS plus links and a ppt presentation.

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Learning and the Brain – What do YOU think?

Instead of an exhaustive summary of a million learnings from this conference, guess answers to common assumptions about learning, then prepare to be surprised by findings from cognitive scientists in the next blog post.

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Back to the past in future…

Old fashioned notebooks and whiteboards make for a more flexible and friendly classroom, here’s what we are trying in the 7th grade…

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Engaging students in rigorous research

Those words have often not gone together – engagement, rigor and research. But finally, they are for most students most of the past week or so, with the new and improved Take Action Project. I’m excited to share the activities and pictures with you.

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