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Concise Climate Change, for a Change

A less painful way to tackle climate change. No big secrets except a little lightness.

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EnFORCING Actual Thinking: 200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 minutes

The Energy Opportunities Project is up and running as students link energy to their lives and today, to world issues. Or do they? Making the best of a Valentine’s Day lull in engagement. Who’d have predicted that?

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Socrates Cafe “How do you feel about the future?”

How DO kids feel about the future and what do they think energy and oil has to do with it? Krissy Hopper, student teacher ran it and comments in a guest blog today.

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Distilling The Cost/Benefit of Physical Science/Food Labs

The costs of re-tooling for food science are considerable. Is it worth it for learning and engagement with physical science concepts? Unit test results add to the argument.

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