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Debrief of the Sports Project

What did they learn about science, experiments and skills for life, plus skills for their sport? How hard was it? How fun was it? Was it worth it? Check out what they had to say today…

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Plunging back into the new year!

Sports projects presentations are almost done – did they have fun? Did they apply physics of motion? Was it worth it?

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When the going gets tough…

Mid-project grumbling and struggles. Some struggle is necessary to achieve almost any worthwhile outcome in any walk of life, including The Sports Project.

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Keeping the project plates spinning

So many things to remember in an average school day, keeping the project plates spinning at home is a challenge, as is the grading when they come in in a big whump on your desk!

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Check-ins with projects…

Whatever the project -Sports project, Grow Food project, Take Action or any project taking more than two weeks, you have to check they are actually getting on with it with a reasonable, practical idea. It’s tough but saves tears and tearing your hair out on the due date.

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The Sports Project sputters to a start…

Choosing what to do and how.

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Starting the Sports Project!

Applying principles of physics and scientific method to improve in a sport of their choice…

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Get set for Project Based Learning!

From simple to sophisticated projects – task lists, flow charts and timelines rule as they learn to plan for their class projects, starting with Growing Food.

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Do-It-Yourself first! Projects, labs, assignments..

Such a duh, but so hard to do. Here’s why it’s so worth it as a key step to implement new activities and projects.

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Surprise Switch!

Arrgh! last minute change of assignment but new project opportunities are on the way.

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