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Working Less, Kids Learning More with PBL

Working less for more engagement and more science content covered even with PBL.


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Ice Cube Challenge: Treat students like scientists for worse data and better learning.

This mini-project within a project showed the benefit of giving kids more freedom to design and do their own experiments.

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Cool the School Project: Launch Day

Let’s do launch… of the first proper PBL project this school year. Lots of ‘failing forward’ going on as we attempt to get kids to ‘Cool the School’.

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Shocking Proposed Next Gen Science Standards for Ca middle schools

A mixed-up version of the wonderful Next Generation Science Standards may cripple our students in California unless we take action now. Here’s why and what to do. Please add your voice demanding coherent, practical standards for our sanity in the classroom!

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Screen Casting for Science

5 minute teacher chalk-and-talk screen casts for kids to review key concepts makes a real difference for all students who miss a bit of instruction. Here’s the why and how to get started…

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The Joy of Open-Ended Challenges

More workable, less work than you’d think – What’s the effect of impurities on ice?

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Effective Grading Strategies for Written Assessments

Long answer and lab assessments are the most dreaded kinds of grading: Here are some step-by-step suggestions to help answer the siren call of the new Common Core Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards.

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