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Wake up! It’s your favorite – plant classification!

Especially if it involves sorting toys and running around the school trees collecting leaf bouquets. And finding a tortoise on the lam from Karen’s room…


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Carbon Foot Print Calculations

To save the planet, do we have to go back to the dark ages, or can eco-friendly practices have some other benefits to kids and their families?

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How/not to use

Fact checking The Story of Stuff. Or not. Wondering about the future of the world and sharing a great new PBL green resource from

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Earth Day at School

What are students worrying about re. the future? What are they now thinking are the most important things to do about it? Checking in reveals some sophisticated, thoughtful and wide-ranging views.

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Biodiversity – What we learned from outside surveys.

What kids took away from squat spot surveys and how we’ll do better next year!

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What affects biodiversity? – analyzing squat spot data

Analyzing class data from the field is more fun with Excel sorting then letting kids think about it themselves.

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Biodiversity Differences using “Squat Spots”

It’s high tech science today – squat down and record all the different plants and bugs you can touch in two contrasting places.

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