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Effective Grading Strategies for Written Assessments

Long answer and lab assessments are the most dreaded kinds of grading: Here are some step-by-step suggestions to help answer the siren call of the new Common Core Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards.

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Plastic Trash Issue and Density

Plastic particles float like plankton, making up a huge proportion of the diet of filter feeders – from baleen whales to small fish. The possible impact on marine life is huge. What floats and what sinks matters – this engaging issue is used to add context to a unit on density and buoyancy.

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Handling Hydrogen: Kabooms without Killing your Class.

Video clips for how to do this great demo safely, and of the event itself. No death or deafening involved. Eh?

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Electrifying Chemistry

8th graders + electricity -> a positive experience. Well, except when it’s negative. We give it our best and share some activities, sheets and tips to make this an absorbing, exciting and more-or-less manageble experience all round.

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Atomic Bondage

Activity sheets, game boards, mis-understandings and some smack-on-the-head insights for teaching this tricky topic. Apologies to real chemists for shameless simplification of complex concepts.

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Activities for Atomic Theory and Atomic Issues

Check out activities with sheets and pics of some engaging games to teach the concepts of ‘isotope’ and of radioactive decay and half life. Beans, pennies and dice on rainy days, fun.

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Kids’ Concepts of Atoms and Playing the Rutherford Gold Foil Game…

Games, pics, clips and text to start the Atoms and Elements units.

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