The ReWilding Project for NSTA

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The video overview (2m40s), thanks Marshall! and here’s the PowerPoint Presentation

Here is the rationale for the whole project in the blog post “The Re Wilding Project Begins!

And here is the NGSS proposal including the NGSS it meets.

See many other blog posts that relate to project based learning and outdoor education, class management, group work etc. by looking at the categories and at the tabs at the top of the blog.

Please feel free to e mail us questions directly too: Sue is at, Marshall is at

Here are the specifics of how to run the Re-Wilding project with your classes: 

You can go to the class calendar  here, then hit the ‘back’ arrow to get to Feb. 8th, 2016, the first day of the project. All the lesson plans have resources uploaded and were tried and tweaked over 12 classes.

Here is the screen shot of the calendar from February to April when we finished the project to give you a sense of the running order of the project. Please note that we interspersed other curriculum around the project to allow time for students to work on proposals, and to give our principal time to read the proposals. Scroll down for even more resources!




Here are useful documents for this project:

1. Start Up and Biodiversity Instruction:

a. Video Safaris of African Wildlands, Arctic and Rainforest

b. Photo Shoot Local Food Web

c. “Why does Biodiversity Matter? The Adorable Animals Argument” to teach the cascade effect.

d. The Selfish Argument for Biodiversity or What has Nature Ever Done For Us?

e. Show how are we connected to nature.

f. The Games of Life: Biodiversity Loss and Environmental Tipping Points

g. “Make and Mess Up Our Local Food Web – the string game!”

2. Re-Wilding the School Hillsides – Field Work Guides

a. Hillside Quick Description and Initial Re-Wilding Ideas Generation.

b. Make an Educated Choice for an Action to ‘Re-Wild’ the Hills

c. Plan Data Collection to Measure Success of Your Action

d. Data Table Blank

3. Student Proposals to Re Wild the Hillside

a. How to Write Your Grant Proposal including requirements and rubric.

b. The Proposal Template (Google Doc link – copy it to edit it for your own site.)

c. A descriptive rubric for the project (Dropbox link for a Word document).

d. Good example of a similar project (so they can’t copy it 🙂

e. Bad example of a similar project


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