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February 20, 2016 at 2:32 PM 1 comment

How bad is climate change? How’s it caused? and What to do about it? Here are the key, scientifically reliable resources to complement the talk at Orinda Community Church “On Care for Our Common Home” series in February, 2016.

  1. How Bad Is It?

    1. Effects on people – National Resources Defense Council “This is What Climate Change Looks Like 3.0” 2m 
    2. Effects on oceans and the arctic already. Alliance for Climate Education “Ocean Acidification” 3m
    3. Graphs and animations of temperature changes: NASA “Global Climate Change Facts” web portalNYTimes 2015 Hottest Year on Record article and NASA “Global Temperature Anomalies 18800 -2015” 0:30m
    4. Projections for the future – New Scientist Map.Global Warming Map 2008 New ScientistIntergovernmental Panel on Climate Change projections.

IPCC warming projections

2. How’s Climate Change Caused?

a. National Academy of Science, Engineering and Medicine “Lines of Evidence” 27m  and NY Times “Short Answers to Hard Questions” interactive graphic

b. The Greenhouse Effect ExplainedGHE and energy budget diagram

c. The Carbon Cyclecarboncycle

d. Where greenhouse gases come from GLOBALLY:Greenhouse gas emissions flow chart

 IPCC flow chart and per country and per capita footprint graphic: C footprints per capita and by country graphic

Carbon dioxide levels and global temperature 1880-2010 from NASA/NOAAAtmospheric_carbon_dioxide_concentrations_and_global_annual_average_temperatures_over_the_years_1880_to_2009

e. Where Greenhouse Gasses come from in the US EPA US greenhouse emissions by economic sector 1990-2013

f. Residential carbon footprints, food, transit, power etc.Ave US household tons CO2 per year

3. What to do?

  1. Global Policy: Grist “The Paris Climate Negotiations Explained” 4:21m  and the results in The Guardian, 12.14.2015
  2. The US: NASA ‘Solutions’ web page including energy innovation news
  3. California taking the lead in climate change policy: California Climate Change Portal
  4. Contra Costa and Orinda climate action in Contra Costa County Climate Leaders website.
  5. Personal choices: NY Times article: “What you can do about climate change”.  and UC Berkeley “Cool Climate Network Carbon Calculator”

And the slide set as a pdf is PPT OCC Climate Change 2.2016.

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