A Whole year of 7th Grade Science – the best one yet!

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I’m providing the link to my online calendar with all the ‘events’ for the year aka the lessons. Many lessons contain links to useful websites and video clips, and have the activity sheet uploaded as well. Get a general sense for the year with an outline for the class below. I hope you’ll find stuff to help your year go as well as mine did this 32nd year of teaching, the best one yet. This is almost all original curriculum written by me, with help and input from my great colleague Marshall. Please give credit with the stuff you use.

Orinda Intermediate School 7th Grade Science 2015-16

How are we interconnected with all life now, and for the future?

Learn the Next Generation Science Standards with food, field work and real-world projects.

  1. Introductions: Letters from last year, outside observations, the pipe challenge, ASAP science on iPads and a guess-and-check with the latest study skills research.
  1. What is ‘Life’?:Jack and the Beanstalk’ bean race, soil searches, microscopes and Alien Life challenge.
  1. Food Production: Trace food from field to fork. Study soils. Compare taste and carbon footprint of organic vs production farming and whole vs processed food.
  1. Chores and Choice Outside Fridays: Clear the garden & natives area, test & improve soil, select, plant, tend and harvest crops. Learn our birds and watch them. Learn OIS plants and do nature photo shows. 
  1. Cell Biology: Scale of cells, where they came from. Microscopes, pond water protists, candy models, lollipop factory cell analogy.
  1. Energy and Life: Respiration, earn and burn snack foods.
  1. Genetics: Why are you the way you are? Family tree, twin studies, flower dissection, critter breeding and strawberry DNA lab.
  1. Animal Behavior Project Voice over your pet and figure out how it helps them pass on their genes.
  1. Human Reproduction How did you get here? Includes the birth video and HIV ed.
  1. Plant 2 Trees at School Project What are the benefits of tress? Each class will select, propose, plant and tend 2 trees.
  1. Take Action ProjectLearn about climate change, make a small change to help, and figure out the benefit if everyone did what you did.
  1. Biodiversity and Local Ecology: Use what you know from Chores and Choice to find the most biodiversity at OIS, play eco-games and learn the ‘cascade effect’. 
  1. Evolution: Timeline of life, natural selection games, selective breeding of dogs and Dog Day.
  1. Wrap Up and Reflect: TAP ad festival. Eat the food you grew party and photo show.

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