Take Action Project 2.0 is published!

October 3, 2013 at 1:04 PM Leave a comment

What’s different about the new, improved Take Action Project? 

1. It STARTS with who kids will work with and what they will do. That’s what middle schooler’s really care about.

2. It’s SHORTER and MORE PLAYFUL, with more interactivity and less writing.

3. Green actions and ideas for issues are collected through the year of science class and kept on a bulletin board.

4. It’s all about DIRECT ACTIONS that kids do themselves, and not about fund-raising.

5. It includes before-and-after data collection so they can measure the difference they made, and scale it up.

6. They link grass-roots action to global problems – what if everyone did what you did? with games, infographics and applied math (Common Core math standards).

7. The rigorous assessment is improved, with workable rubrics included that assess ELA Common Core standards.

8. They ONE multimedia ad to ‘sell’ their action, incorporating their research, infographics and featuring their own actions.

9. A SMALL poster this time.

10. The finale is the Market Place Game, lifted from the Energy Opportunity Project.

I’m excited to use this with our students, starting on Earth Day 2014. I hope you’ll join us! I’m working with a great, new colleague who is a former camp counsellor and director – perfect for this kind of project.

The whole thing is ready for use at a cool start-up NextLesson, right here. NextLesson is a one-stop-shop for ‘common core-aligned lessons and projects to prepare students for the real world. They are interactive and teacher-designed’, some free, some for a small download fee.  I love the format which takes you AND students through a project lesson-by-lesson with resources attached.

Also see their blog on New Projects with a Focus on the Global Community and just enjoy noodling around their projects and lessons on the rest of their site. Cool, unusual stuff that will make project-based learning more manageable engaging for us as well as our students.

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