Handling Hydrogen: Kabooms without Killing your Class.

April 18, 2012 at 7:06 AM Leave a comment

Seriously scary stuff and the main thing they want to get to all year!

Here’s a video clip for the behind-the-scenes prep for the gas tests and for the hydrogen balloon ‘bomb’. http://youtu.be/tSHhbrNTs6w

Here’s the gas tests and the kaboom done in class,

Here’s the activity sheet that accompanies this and the chemical reactions leading from it. 4. Investigate chemical reactions stochiometry

And here is the video clip of the balloon explosions in class: Hydrogen and the Hydrogen with Oxygen added in the proportions we worked out from balancing the equations. You tube link.


Have a bucket of water and the fire extinguisher near by. Have kids as far away as possible in the class room. Have them plug their ears. Don’t make the balloon bigger than your head for inside the class room. Use ear plugs yourself. (One colleague was deafened for 2 weeks after this a few years ago).

BTW, I just taught them how to balance equations using colored pebbles and white boards during the electrochemistry lessons leading in to this (and blogged yesterday.) Fun in a nifty kind of way. Links to what they are learning in Algebra, only now, it’s about real things and the equations literally balance because mass is conserved during a chemical reaction.


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