2011 in review Actual “Backwards Planning”

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  • 1. azleader  |  January 1, 2012 at 7:18 PM

    Though true that C02 levels continue to rise (in fact, the trend is linearly upward); its NOT true that earth’s global temperature continues to rise.

    The Earth’s temperature leveled off about 1999 and has remained higher, but level, since then according to global land-sea data collected by the Hadley Centre.

    That does not mean that we don’t need to do things to be good environmental stewards of this planet. We do. We are making a mess of this planet!

    But don’t fret if your friends become disengaged in the battle against global climate change. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter anyway. Globally, what will be, will be!

    Despite what the IPCC says, humans cannot reverse the effects of global warming no matter what we do… only Mother Nature can do that.


    • 2. Sue Boudreau  |  January 1, 2012 at 10:01 PM

      Wow, azleader, I’m sorry you feel so dispirited. I agree that there has been a leveling of temperature based on what the UK Met office says for the last decade. The link between CO2 and temperature over the long term is almost universally accepted by scientists. I agree that we may be past reversing climate change. What I’m emphasizing is improving engagement to save the civil in civilization so that we come through the impending climate changes with our humanity intact. So dis-engagement is not an option for me as a teacher. I see from your beautiful work that you are not disengaged either.



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