Nasty Cocktails: Density of Liquids Lab

December 28, 2011 at 8:38 PM Leave a comment

Lots of prep = lots of fun and beautiful, layered liquids. An opportunity for kids to practice figuring out densities and apply what they know to fluids.

But first some riddles. What’s the lab glass ware with the best sense of humor? Which one is the smartest? Give up? The comical flask and the graduated cylinder. Yep, turned down Saturday Night Live to do the 6 shows a day gig at Orinda Intermediate School.

The 10. Density of Fluids gives not only the lab but also the prep and materials you’ll need at the end. Here’s the answer sheet too. To whet your interest, here are some pics of our crazy Friday.

All done on pajama day.

3. Using a pipette to float fresh water on salt water in our nasty cocktail

1. The 'set': How do these color drop desktop toys work?

2. D working out the density of 100ml of alcohol in a sealed bottle


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