Problems with Projects – TAP and POP come home to roost.

May 31, 2011 at 2:50 PM Leave a comment

How, exactly do their Take Action Projects related directly to the science CONCEPTS and standards? Most seemed to have no idea. We have to teach that overtly next year, maybe with a class devoted to looking over curriculum outlines for 6th and 7th grade. How often do we ever look back anyway? That would be valuable for that alone…

The direct relationship of their actions to science is pretty vital to the survival of this projects within science class rooms. If it doesn’t do that from the student’s perspective, then it’s hard to justify the curriculum time.

Quite a few were confused about “Problems and Solutions” meaning THEIR problems and solutions with executing the project, not another re-hash of the prolem they were taking action about.

Lots of confusion about what, exactly “global warming” is, and how it’s different to the ozone layer/hole. Hopefully, this will be taught in 6th grade after we agreed to thread climate change through all three grade levels.

Problems with Oil Project like, um, not having their presentations ready on time!

In two periods, less than half the students had their multimedia ready to roll. Excuses range from ‘forgot it’ to ‘it won’t play’. We had similar struggles with the last one and I hoped we’d worked through many of these technical issues. Still a few who didn’t remember to ‘publish’ or to ‘finalize’ their multimedia project so it would play on a different machine. Weird files from Sony machines wmlv or something, that won’t play on Mac or PC.

I’m feeling really impatient and frustrated with my 8th graders. Lulled into a false sense of security over the last couple of weeks were, truthfully, I did not expect very much of them. Now I am again and they’ve checked out for the summer. 0’s on their PowerSchool grade reporter to urge them to get it done by tomorrow.

I didn’t resist the urge to scold the whole class 3d period but did with 7th period. The only way to move forward is to tackle a problem one by one, never the whole class, and who likes to be scolded – it annoys the kids who DID do it and un-enrolls even them.

Will do better tomorrow, all of us.

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Problems with Oil Project – The movie Rounding it up and going forward…

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