The Great Carbon Race, evidence and the A, B, Cs of the working world.

May 12, 2011 at 4:32 PM Leave a comment

You boss gives you a task aka a project. Like say, “Could you do something about how big our building’s power bills are?” and that’s pretty much it, as an aside on the way to the airport. No rubric, no worksheet or detailed instructions. When they meet with you a couple of weeks later, you present your ideas. A “B” means you don’t lose your job but it’s not memorable. “C” or below means you have to do it again and your boss feels like they have to struggle to get you to understand the task, and will need to micro manage you. Sigh. But an “A” means they will remember to push for your retention in lay offs, will use it as an example to argue for a bonus for you or a promotion.

That’s the talk before I start giving individual feedback and grades on their evidence for their tons of carbon saved. They did of course, get a detailed description of the task, reminders and a rubric. Here it is:13. 14 Carbon Race Challenge and Hand In rubric

Entry filed under: Critical Thinking, Environmental Education, Inquiry and critical thinking, Project Based Learning, The Problems with Oil Project.

8th Ocean acidification and neutralization… Student Choice vs Culture.

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