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March 16, 2011 at 4:03 PM 1 comment

I was stunned by their amazing movies. By far the best work I have had from students, ever. Professional, imaginative, very hard-hitting. Usually accurate and cited. Is it worth it for the learning? Here are quotes from their journals. Thanks by the way to Rushton Hurley for his excellent workshop and to Kim Campbell White for showing us the way to grade and encourage creativity with multi media.


I learned how to make a movie on the computers. Tl

Always assume there will be technical problems.

You have to be PATIENT with the technical stuff. Hw

.. make sure everything in your video is READABLE and voiceovers are LOUD ENOUGH!

…computers are sometimes more trouble than they’re worth.cw


I also learned that acting can be good in a factual movie.

…sometimes all it takes is a couple mind blowing awesome facts for a totally amazing video!

I thought it would be really hard but when I just sat down and took time to get it done, I realized it was really easy.

..how much music can affect people’s opinions. ks

Problems with Oil

All the fish and marine life killed and affected in coral reefs was shocking. Sr

…70% of coral reefs will be destroyed by 2050.tl

The multimedia projects have really made me think about what lies in our future. ea

… when the oil does run out, society itself could come to an end. Bh

..in a year the sun would produce the same amount of energy as 35 billion barrels of oil.js

..using solar panels can help a lot. dl

I especially remember the otters. Dl and several others.

..one gallon of oil can pollute 2 acres of water. Zf and many others.

America uses 150 billion pound of plastic every year. That’s crazy! th

Attitudes, critical thinking, communication

It was also very interesting to see how someone made a movie with the same topic. It made me think about what I could have done better. Hr

..citing your sources next to the fact makes it much more believable.

Also me and my friend had many – like 20 – bad videos before we came up with the one we liked. Al

Being able to delete something you’ve spent a lot of time on is a very good skill. jc

…the music has a big impact on the presentation. Jr

Trial and error are the key ingredients to make a successful video.  Jb

Problem: Staying on task. -> Solution: Making a list of priorities.

… you need to put faces on the problems if you want to make an impact.mb

These presentations moved me and I want to help with all of them. anon

Time (after research had been done)

2 hours (average from period 1) ranging from 20 minutes to 6 hours.


He got off task, decided to turn off the TV and duck tape him.


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NSTA Conference Coolness… POP conneXions to science

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  • 1. annemccartengibbs  |  March 16, 2011 at 6:48 PM

    Impressive overall. This one I am engraving on my wall, for me and many colleagues to learn from:
    “Being able to delete something you’ve spent a lot of time on is a very good skill.”



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