POP, TAP Cause and Effect Flow Charts

February 14, 2011 at 2:58 PM Leave a comment

I thought this would be a simple way for kids to take notes, and for me to see that they really understood their issue. 4. Cause and Effect diagram but for 7th graders, you have to teach what ’cause’ and ‘effect’ means, and how the arrows work. For 7th AND 8th graders, it was pushing them (in a good way) to add in INDIRECT causes and effects.

I realized as I was going over their work with them, that it’s those indirect effects that are often the really heart-breaking specifics (otters dying, polar bears drowning). The indirect causes are often what brings it back to science and offers ‘fixes’ that they might take at a local level.

Here are a couple of well-done examples from 8th graders.

Ocean Acidification causes and effects

Running out of oil/Peak oil

But this is after seeing lots of simplistic stuff done off the top of their heads!

Yes, in the end, I’ll do this again, but I think I’ll teach to it a little more overtly next time. Causality. A philosophical construct that tells us why time seems to flow forward…


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