POP 6: “..tossing hope out the window, along with the hearts that held it…”

February 1, 2011 at 1:23 PM Leave a comment

This quote is from an “After Oil” story by one of my 8th graders. They painted a dark, often apocalyptic vision of the future in the stories, video logs, blog entries and skits they shared.

Most did a great job. Some wasted our time with a seat-of-the-pants, rambling and implausible presentation. But only a few. Will have to think about how to deal with those…

Overall, I got a way more entertaining view of where they are with the concepts and their feelings about it all. It tee-ed up the unit MUCH better than showing National Geographic’s “Aftermath” series. Which I’ll do later, but for now, it’s about NOT leading them, letting them find out stuff and feel stuff for themselves as they do.

Today, they are deciding on a problem category: Oil drilling and production pollution, oil spills, air pollution from burning oil, water pollution from oil products like fertilizers and pesticides, ocean acidification, plastic trash in oceans.

Here’s the sheet with the cause and effect diagram to get them started: 4. Preliminary Research

I like working off the big problem as a couple of word issue, instead of getting too carried away with details of the specific problem. So “Oil spills” is fine for now. Much richer hunting than “The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010”. Later, they can refine what they want to concentrate on.

Kids are humming along on computers, getting very facile now with how to do that. It’s so nice to have THEM doing the work instead of me 🙂


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