POP 5: Multi Media Example and “How To” guides

January 30, 2011 at 4:38 PM Leave a comment

Stayed up to 1am making my first attempt at a climate change cause and effect multimedia presentation. Here’s the YouTube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADf7Vdi8tcU I’ll add the link to Teacher Tube as soon as it’s approved.  

It was REALLY fun to make and I feel this quiet satisfaction for having learned something new, plus getting to use some of the 1,000s of photos I love to take over the years. It did take about 4 hours and that was after already knowing quite a bit about the topic and having collected many of the images for other purposes. So it’s not a trivial undertaking.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

– Keep it VERY focused – only 1 piece per person or pair. So Cause of the problem with oil OR effect of the problem with oil, OR solutions for their chosen problem with oil.

– Get the research and script done first so that actually making the movie is less overwhelming and results in a more coherent story that is evidence-based, clear and accurate.

I’m going to try the following:

– Grade the research with a rigorous rubric already developed for the TAP project.

– I’ll give feedback on the script that comes from their researcdh but I won’t grade the same information again.

– Then I’ll sit back and enjoy their final product with only a relatively few points for the presentation. They will be getting feedback from their peers and that’s a real incentive. Was it clear, compelling, accurate with cited, reliable sources? That’s what we’ll be looking for.

Here are the guideline sheets I’m developing: POP Multimedia Guidelines and How To sheet for students. and POP 7 Multimedia Script and Photo Shoot List

Looked at script writing formating for Hollywood types of scripts and modified to make it work for a multi media format. Plus, how glamorous, to get them to think about pitching to producers and all :-).

Really want to encourage students to take their OWN photos and video clips, and to use copyright free music and photos when they can’t do it themselves.

I’m excited but tired. I want this to be rigorous and not just ‘cute’, want it to encourage creativity and therefore high level engagement with the desperately important concepts embedded in the problems with oil.

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POP 4: Sorting out Problems (with Oil etc.) POP 6: “..tossing hope out the window, along with the hearts that held it…”

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