Debrief of the Sports Project

January 10, 2011 at 3:20 PM Leave a comment

Overall, I’m forced to conclude that they liked it and saw the value in it, with some caveats and suggestions:

  • The majority of students made a significant and measurable improvement in their sport or activity. 
  • About 2/3 liked or loved the project according to their journal entries. 1/3 were neutral or thought it was hard work for the amount of learning. Many mentioned liking improving and researching their sport, and liked making movies and/or power points.

Learning and Advice for the Sports Project Next Year:

Quotes from class discussion. My responses in italics.

  • Start right away. Do NOT procrastinate. **
  • The physics didn’t come into play as much as it should have. Instead we were just doing what we always did with our sport, just more often. *** Definitely need to do more research myself on this, and have it more easily available, demo it, show it etc.
  • Make sure you complete the research packet accurately.
  • Show a good AND a bad multimedia at the start. Especially a really good example. Now I have these examples, I’ll definitely do that.
  • Have a perfect graph so we know how to do it on Excel.
  • Keep a timeline.
  • Don’t lose your materials. Have a big log book. Keep it in a set place.
  • Liked having a sport you can do at home so you can have more trials and more data.
  • Harder to improve in a sport you are already good at. If you start a new sport, you improve dramatically in the first few times just from practice.
  • Sometimes you get worse before you get better because you have to practice a new technique.
  • You do a lot of research and work and you don’t have a guaranteed result.
  • Your mood can really affect your performance. You do better when relaxed and not stressed out. Not TOO relaxed.
  • Everyone will see it so a lot of stress to do well. Managing your stress really helps you do better and enjoy it more.
  • Try to be as accurate as you can. Take accurate measurements.
  • Take a ton of pictures and clips. You never have too many. You’ll need someone to help with this.
  • What was a ‘baseline’? Demonstrate with say, basketball. Good idea!
  • A lot of people found that ‘practice makes perfect’ which is sort of obvious. Next year, I’ll give examples of experimental variables other than practice and encourage that more.

Really sensible, constructive ideas. Thanks 8th grade! And thank you for not being mean about this huge amount of work that we all did. I modeled accepting their ideas and not defending what I did. So hard to be humble 🙂


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