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January 8, 2011 at 1:53 PM Leave a comment

Zooming around the classroom on an office rolly chair is really fun AND you are automatically at the same level as the kids as you grade work at their tables. It’s much more comfy and chatty that way. I asked my 8th graders how they were feeling about high school and gave them feed back about how close they were to high school level note taking. It was a really nice day. It felt like they were sort of grateful for  the personal and specific comments clearly aimed at their future, plus encouragement. Not rocket science but does require me stepping back from the onward rush of curriculum and revolving door of classes coming in.

So that’s New Year’s resolution 1 – be more present. (Also helpful when driving – $2,000 of damage from rear-ending a pick up truck on the freeway yesterday. No injuries, the lady drivers didn’t take details and gave me hugs of forgiveness. How sweet is that?)

New Year’s resolution 2 is to waste less food.

This from The New Yorker Dec.20th edition “The Efficiency Dilemma” by David Owen: Decreases in energy costs and increases in refrigeration efficiency have led to an increase in food wasteage – about 1/3 of frozen items end up in the bin, most of that is vegetables. We throw away 40% of all edible food produced, along with the enormous amount of energy used to produce it, fertilize it, transport it and refrigerate it. More than a quarter of US freshwater use goes into food that is later discarded. For more details, see Jonathan Bloom’s book  “American Wasteland” and website for his blog.

I’ll be adding this to our sticky facts board for the TAP and Problems with Oil Project boards at school. It’s such a measurable, relatively easy ‘fix’ for many families, with the added benefit of decreased grocery bills and trips to the store. The trade offs are variety and freezer burn taste! It’s thawing right now for a spaghetti sauce where it’ll be nicely masked if present at all 🙂 Coming to my place for dinner?


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