Plunging back into the new year!

January 6, 2011 at 8:50 PM Leave a comment

Took a 2 week total break from all internet stuff. Been years since I did that. Missed the regular writing, the snippets of information and connecting with friends but on the plus side, cruised from Acapulco through the Panama Canal to the West Indies, washing up in Barbados. Motor scooter trips round islands, beaches more beautiful than post cards and the company of my whole family. It was a great break. I hope yours was too.

And now, back to finishing up the Sports Project coaching presentations and the central dilemma of project presentations: How to celebrate, encourage and coach 110 presentations without losing your cool?

A little less wildly creative than I’d hoped over all but we had some really great little movies and some lovely power points with them in their tutus doing releves en point, juggling scarves and getting much better at Wii dancing (the one I most wanted to try!) I was thinking that next year, I might pick a few of them to coach some beginners who are willing in their sport for a few minutes, including me. I’d love to learn to throw a spiral, and this time I did get some free ballet instruction for a saute de chat. Fun!

But still the problem of too many projects, too little time. Rushing makes me impatient, and so do frequently repeated errors. Part of that frustration is that those will be things that I didn’t teach adequately and it’s much easier to blame them than me.

Common error 1: Citations that starts with and goes on to a load of gobbledygook. I guess google-dygoop. We DID teach this exhaustively last year in the TAP project, the disease report and in 6th grade. I think this is butting up against a cultural norm – doing everything as fast as possible, to get it done. Giving credit is dull, it’s tedious and in the end, how will it bite them not to?  I package citations as being to their benefit – a reliable source makes them look smart. But I have to hold them accountable too.

Common error 2: A terrible job of figuring out the physics behind their sport. Lots of vague stuff that uses buzz words and shows a meaningless balanced force diagram. So next year, I will have to demonstrate this using some of the excellent books I ordered on the physics of sport. Will MAKE them use either a print source or a vetted source online to really research the physics early in the research. Did that this time, but didn’t hold them to it well enough.

Overall, was the Sports Project worth the curriculum time? I have to take a minute tomorrow and ask for their feedback. I’m sort of scared to ask. It’s difficult for them to admit to liking anything that is ‘school’ at this age. Promise to report back on that soon, warts and all.




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