The rains have come – time to plant the seedlings!

October 27, 2010 at 6:27 PM Leave a comment

Waiting for the first rain in the dry-summer stretching long into fall here in Nor Cal, and then it comes, like mercy,  life coming back to the lion-tawny, dropped dog blanket hills.  Our tender little seedlings on the window sill seem to be stretching toward the outdoors and maybe they’ll survive it. We are doing a model in class of what I’m expecting them to do at home.

We talk about the arrival of the pioneers at the end of summer, having to grow something or their family will be even hungrier. So yes, you lose a few points for not growing anything 🙂

Shared out problems and solutions, many of which were taken up by other kids who were stuck in their tracks when the first lot got picked by their little brother, dug up by the dog or, mysteriously, eaten by deer and then resurrected themselves bigger than before. Who knows…Made a big deal congratulating kids who solved problems. The biggest goal of this project based learning.

They are SO much more interested to talk about their stuff than say, listen to me blab on about cellular respiration. I know, hard to imagine, especially since I turned down Saturday Night Live to perform daily in rm.94. You’d believe me if you were in 7th grade. Also that cold air molecules shrink so they can fit through your jacket.

Anyway, we all bundled outside with trowels and our plants, dug holes and made a pretty good mess of the little planter patch outside the room. I’d post a picture but our district spam filter blocks the blog now. They must have seen the stuff I write here. Risque. Subversive and shhh, social networking.

Nice to take the time to get my hands in the dirt and to spin the “Grow Food Project” plate, in the midst of the Sports Project with 8th and the labs and microscopes, burning marshmallows etc. in 7th. It reminded them to get going on recording measurements, re-planting, putting up fences and taking pics of us and our little plants for evidence.

I love my 7th graders in the middle of an 8th grade day. Love them too, but differently. I hope they grow more food than me, now the season’s turned, laying the dust.


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The Sports Project sputters to a start… Where’s the fun?

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