The Sports Project sputters to a start…

October 25, 2010 at 6:12 PM Leave a comment

Just back from the CSTA conference and RUNNING, running to try to catch up with a stack ‘o grading, new curriculum to write for um, the day after tomorrow, two tests to write for tomorrow. Oh, and the internet and phones were down all day. Just like the old days. Expect that we were in the computer lab to start the research for the Sports Project.


The bright spot today was going around chatting with each student about what sport they love, and specifically what they want to improve in, something that could be measured or counted.

Ideas with the most popular first: Shooting baskets, out of a hundred, either basket ball or water polo. Times the target hit with a soccer ball or tennis ball. Volleyball spikes (number successful compared to how many blocked by a friend). Time to run a distance ex. round the reservoir, or 200m. Time to swim a distance. Some more unusual ideas – successful cornering on horseback. Number of times a skateboard trick done successfully. Wii dance routine mistakes. How high you can raise your leg in an arabesque. Mistakes dribbling a ball round obstacles. Harness rating of bouldering routes flashed (climbed first time without falling). Successful tackles of two of my lively guys – good luck with that! Distance of fly fishing cast. No yo-yo ers, or jugglers. Too bad.

One student  reported near to tears, that her parents say the whole curriculum is stupid, especially this project. Good thing phones were out today.

It was kind of cool checking in with each, watching them start figuring out what they are going to do.

Quick lesson on projectiles for those doing a ball sport. Ever stopped to think about how the max speed of a ball is the moment it leaves your hand/racket/bat or club? That as soon at there is no more muscle force being applied, it will decelerate at 10m/s/s relative to the vertical, until it’s vertical vector component is o m/s. Then it starts accelerating down at 10m/s/s. I used to think that some kind of magical force followed the ball after I hit it. But uh, duh. Not. How far it goes, and exactly where depends mainly on the impulse (force x time) you give it. With some interference from wind resistance.

Another little surprise. The Ca physical science standards for 8th grade mysteriously do NOT include Newton’s 3d law, action and reaction are equal and opposite, also known as the conservation of momentum dealie aka ‘collisions’. No idea why not. Must be the same geniuses who also left out work and energy. Will resist urge to be snide.

G’night everyone. If you’re checking in from the conference, click on the categories for the blog-quivalent of teacher’s guides for TAP and/or for Stories in Statistics. And say hi in the comments too 🙂


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The Take Action Project at the Ca Science Teachers Conference today! The rains have come – time to plant the seedlings!

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