If momma aint happy…

October 15, 2010 at 6:29 AM Leave a comment

aint nobody happy.

Words to live by – think of driving behind someone yelling at their kids in the car. Others. Really.

When I get pushed too far, either by student behavior, or just the sheer crush of things to do, I refer to this bumper sticker wisdom.

Right now, I’m overwhelmed with trying to run two, separate lab-based curricula, inventing new labs for an unfamiliar subject area (physics) and dealing with the microscopes part of 7th grade. I can feel myself on the edge of bitchy, then yesterday lost my keys. Always a warning sign of stress for me (and for my husband who then has to come and rescue me on his motor cycle with the vanity plate “CHEVALIER”. So he asked for rescue opportunities 🙂 Thank you, sweetie.)

So I’m carving out some time – kids are watching vids. Not the best, not the very most appropriate. Titled “Cells” and “Friction” with some text work if they finish early. It won’t kill them and it will let me get caught up with grading and planning. Obviously I feel a little guilty or I wouldn’t be doing the self-justification. But remember last time you were a student in a class with a stressed out teacher? Even if it was cool curriculum.

If the teacher is happy, everybody’s gonna learn a lot more. That’s the theory and my practice, just for today.

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