Too much, too fast, fix tomorrow!

October 5, 2010 at 8:32 PM 1 comment

Had this really cool idea – learn all about the physics of car crashes from a new DVD which includes concepts from um, the ENTIRE chapter. And then teach kids how to write a news article around statistics in the Department of Transportation fatal crash statistics. In one easy lesson.

My husband commented that the Governor would be happy to know that I’d found a way to have the class graduate by Thursday.

Had the 8th grade checking out, nagging them about turning round, give me the graphic novel, cover your mouth when yawning. Pull yer pants up, get your work out… And on and on.

Realized the different dynamic between boys and girls compared to 7th with a sudden memory transit back to being that age and the sheer intensity of flirting with a kind of cute guy who’s joking with you across the desk in science class, throwing stuff across the room when the teacher’s writing on the board. With chalk (at least not runes on a clay tablet). How to compete with that? I’m grateful they pay any attention at all. Hard day.

Will apologize tomorrow and then let them get on with doing the best they can to figure out the graph and write a little news article in the computer lab tomorrow. I think it can be rescued but shh.

Take away: max of 3 bullet points per day. Maximum. Two is better. Let them get started. Then provide more info and help as needed. Sort of like advice.


Entry filed under: Class Management.

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  • 1. Sue Boudreau  |  October 10, 2010 at 5:59 PM

    The next day at the computers MUCH better! Way more engaged and I learned about Microsoft publisher, a kids graph web site and some blood alcohol calculators from them. Give them tech, and they go. Will report back when the assignment comes in.



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