Keep Kids Curious with the Latest Magazines?

September 28, 2010 at 2:56 PM Leave a comment

Doing the ‘action research’ option for my evaluation this year, so going with the question “How can we keep kids curious?” One idea in the discussion with my supervisor was around strengthening links with what’s in the news with what’s happening in class.

We subscribe to science magazines (Scientific American, Sci Am Mind, New Scientist), conservation magazines (Conservation, Bay Nature) and news magazines from Time to Mother Jones. All of these have a reasonable reading level and items that appeal to middle school students. Plus a range of political positions.

After tests, they HAVE to read a magazine quietly. I circulate and ask what interesting stuff they’ve found. And that’s really cool. For me too.

Found out new stuff about gravity, test taking and sleep today. Oh, and friction and avalanches. Kids who shared were pretty jazzed. Several were stumbling on problems with oil. Oh yeah, that’s our upcoming project :-).  

Holes in gravity?!

It was horribly hot this afternoon, so some were pretty much melting on their desks. Hard to tell how effective this particular strategy is today.

One more little way to support curiosity: on tests, there is always the final question – What question do YOU have? 

There are some really interesting questions – depth of understanding, what-ifs, lots of stuff about space and a few that showed lingering misconceptions.


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