TAP @ Sunday School – Acting on Global Warming…

July 26, 2010 at 7:19 PM Leave a comment

Another, completely different crowd from either previous TAP sunday school classes. About 8 this time, including two visitors to the church, and some of our cool, regular crew of young people. Ages about 8 to 15.

Sat in a circle for a re-cap of what we’d done so far – how we are connected to nature, what some problems in the world are, and that we had decided to go with global warming last time. 

The aim today – use their prior knowledge to build a concept map showing causes and effects of global warming. We used index cards, markers and chart paper. Kids already knew a fair bit and it went together pretty quickly. (That was heartening – Ben F. was especially knowledgeable about the environment.) 

Then we brainstormed what we could do to help. As often happens, young people seem to feel that trash is the root cause of all environmental evil, and that re-cycling is the total answer. But they did have some other ideas too, like switching to electric cars – another popular one, maybe because new technology is a lot more fun than just NOT doing things. Re-using shopping bags mentioned, eating organic food, farmer’s markets and buying less stuff from factories.

Leslie brought up the ‘fun to do’ filter and that concentrated our minds. The final idea was to organize some kind of bike-a-thon and raise money to buy a fruit tree for the church campus. Thank you to Carson, Bill’s grandson for that one!

It’s a very different experience running TAP in a youth group setting. I am more gentle about running things, more flexible which means being less wedded to a particular outcome. We’ll get through what we get through. The keys for my sanity are a. having Leslie there too. b. Having an idea of where we are going. c. listening and responding to what kids suggest. d. summing up what we did and what we’re doing the next week. e. no worksheets! It’s got to be fun, easy and interactive. Hmm, I could learn something from this experience 🙂


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