TAP at Sunday School – Picking a Problem

July 18, 2010 at 6:22 PM Leave a comment

Last time three kids, this time about 20, many from a neighboring Lutheran church, from about 4 to 14. Rolling with what we’ve got is easier if I have NOT invested lots of time planning. Just showing up with a good attitude. Oh and Leslie who’d taken care of resourcing it. Thank you Leslie!

Kids sat in a circle and Leslie did the opening prayer which is partly designed to get them here and present. We had kids share what they were worried about in the world, then divide into three corners, Elizabeth K in one, Leslie and I in the others, with a pile of recent newspapers, magazines, blank paper, scissors and pens. They went looking for problems and cut out the articles, or wrote the problem on a bit of paper if they couldn’t find one they cared about.

Put everything on a big piece of cloth…. 

and put the cloth in the middle with kids around the edge.

Pushed them a bit with stuff like ‘the economy’. Well, what about the economy is a problem? Does this or could it affect you? Particularly stuff like homelessness where, but for the grace of God go all of us, really.

Then went round to kids who had not said much and which problem they’d want to put their time in to helping, and why. Kids took their ‘problem’ from the collage and stood around the edge of the room. Other kids went and stood next to the problem they would invest time in.

Global warming was a clear majority earner. Could everyone else support this, or at least live with it? We did the thumbs-up, thumbs level, thumbs down show. (Anyone with thumbs down gets to explain why they really don’t agree and others try to persuade them by addressing their objections.)

We reached consensus at exactly time for the closing prayer – global warming it is. Next time, we’ll be figuring out what gw IS, and what we might like to do about it. Way, way briefer and more casual than TAP at school, a whole different energy.


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